Buffy Bunny and the Big Christmas Mix-up written by Jess Judd

Written by Jess Judd and narrated by Rob Griffiths. Buffy Bunny is back and this time there’s been a big Christmas mix-up. Buffy accidentally sets Christmas on a slippery slope, one that means his friends may not get the presents they wanted for Christmas, that is if they get any presents at all! Will Buffy be able to help Santa? You’ll have to listen and find out.

Happy holidays everyone! Thank you for listening to Story Time this year, we so appreciate your support. Enjoy your holidays and we will see you in the New Year. 🎅🎄🎁🐰

Billy the Bathtub Helps Santa written by Sheila Toews

Written by Sheila Toews and narrated by Jess Judd. Do you remember Billy the Bathtub? The special bathtub who can move his feet and likes to play with his friends in the park?

Do you remember that Billy lives in a big old house in Winnipeg, Canada? Now, Winnipeg isn’t too far from the North Pole (as sleighs and reindeer fly), and we all know who lives at the North Pole, don’t we?

Would you like to hear about the time Billy the Bathtub helped Santa? You would?!? Then this story is for you!

This story is suitable for children ages 4 to 10 years old.

Merry Christmas everyone 🎅🎄🎁🛁

Miranda’s Christmas Visitor written by Paul D. Race

Written by Paul D. Race and narrated by Amy Hays. Miranda was an inside cat and didn’t get to do many of the outside things that cats like to do. Christmas time, however, was special because it was the only time she got to be around a real tree in the house. The Christmas in this story turned out to be extra special when a surprise visitor hid in the tree!

A short story suitable for young children aged 2-5 years old

Happy holidays everybody! 🎄⭐️⛄️🎁😊

Miranda’s Christmas Visitor: Copyright © 2007 by Paul D. Race. All rights reserved, used by permission.

Bill Bowerbird and the Unbearable Backache written by Tyler Clark Burke

Written by Tyler Clark Burke and narrated by Jess Judd. Bill has a terrible, unbearable, lousy beak-ache. He also happens to be a bowerbird🐦: a type of bird that collects scraps to create elaborate colour-sorted nests. Bill turns to his friends; zebra, frog🐸, yak, and others for objects that might help alleviate his ache. Will they be able to help him? If not, what will?

This fun, wacky story is told in playful cadence with rhyme and refrain. A riot of a tale, it also offers some wisdom on getting through tough times with patience, and a little help from your friends.

This story is suitable for children ages 3-7