The Dragon Rock 🐲 written by Ellena Ashley

Written by Ellena Ashley and narrated by Amy Hays. 🐉 Once Upon A Time, there was a town that had, in its best-loved spot, a large, long, scaly rock that looked amazingly similar to a sleeping dragon. Along with this dragon-shaped rock came a tale: ‘In times of trouble, the dragon will wake, and free the village, by making a lake’.

Well, trouble did come to that town, in the form of one very, very hot and dry summer. The townsfolk were desperate for rain, but it just did not come.
Would the tale about the dragon prove to be true?
Would it wake and save them from this drought, or was it just a made-up story? Listen to this exciting short story by Ellena Ashley to find out!🐉

This story is suitable for children aged 4-12