The Orange Boys in Shakespeare Garden

This is one of the best 10 minute bedtime stories for children.Once upon a time , there were five orange boys and their names were Molan, Konan, Bolan, Gonan and Shonan. They lived with their classical music boxes,and their kind rabbits in the  Shakespeare garden

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The Flying Adventures of Lizzy Lizard 🦎 written by Angela Ferrari

Written and narrated by Angela Ferrari. This week we invite guest narrator Angela Ferrari from Story Spectacular to bring us a story. 🦎

Lizzie the lizard wants to be a flying lizard and discover new places, when she grows up. But her parents tell her lizards can’t fly and that she should be a fruit gatherer just like them. Lizzie isn’t ready to accept that. “I am going to become the first flying lizard! Just you wait and see!” she tells them.

As it turns out, Lizzie might just get her wish after all, thanks to an unexpected meeting with the Lizard Wizard. But has she really thought this through? Being able to fly would make her different from all the other lizards and it can be hard fitting in when you’re not like the others.

Lizzie’s new wings are set to take her on an unforgettable adventure. How will it all turn out?!

This story is suitable for children ages 3+

Alec and the Stream of Words and Ideas 👦🏽🏞️ written by Stuart Baum

Written by Stuart Baum and narrated by Jess Judd. Alec finds a new stream. Instead of fish, though, this stream contains words and ideas, which Alec tries to catch. Meant to be read aloud, this visual story is a whimsical addition to the world of Alec and other “Stuart” stories.

This story is appropriate for children aged 5 – 10.

©2011 Stuart B Baum and

A Boy and His Toys 👦🏽🏍️🚂 written by Betty Yang

Written by Betty Yang and narrated by Jess Judd. Barry loves playing with his toys, but he just doesn’t look after them properly. His bedroom is very messy and his poor toys are all broken with parts missing.

One day his toys decide that they have had enough. They must get the message to Barry that he needs to look after them better. So, they make a plan to talk with him… in his dream! 🛌 💤

This story is suitable for children ages 3+

Contact the author, Betty Yang, via WeChat ID: emayang2005