The Mistake Artist: Part Two

We are back with PART TWO of this magical story. Hear how Em comes to see the beauty in her own imperfect artwork after a visit to Artiste’s world of magical beings. ENJOY!

If your tiny person wants to share a story they’ve written, please send photos…

The King And The Two Falcons

If you are looking for some good moral stories for your little one, then you are in the right place! Read on. This is one of the most amazing short story on birds with moral to read along with your kids. THE BEGINNING A long time ago,

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The Mistake Artist: Part One

SEASON SIX IS HERE! I am thrilled to share a brand new story with you after months of hibernating…er, daydreaming and writing. The Mistake Artist is my very first two-part story and I think you will love it. It features a little girl who is a bit of …