Walking alone in the neighborhood one day, Jenny saw a crumpled up piece of paper along the way.

She ignored it and just kept walking right on, but after a couple of steps she knew something was wrong.

What if an animal came upon it and tried to play with it or tried to eat it?

She wondered if the animal would be okay.  Would it choke?  She worried and wondered about that.

She continued on her journey because she was just a kid.  She looked down on the ground and saw a piece of food.

It was there in plain sight right on the sidewalk.  Would it be  good for a bird or would it make a bird choke?

What if other animals came across it?  What if it wasn’t good for that animals little stomach?

What would that do to it?  How would they feel?  Would that animal wind up sick and alone on a hill?

A Precious Day at the Farm
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Jenny kept walking along thinking “It’s not up to me.”

But deep down she wondered if anyone else would see.

Who else would help?  Who would come along to pick up the trash and put it where it belonged.

Everyday all around her she would hear about green.  Other than the color she wasn’t sure what is was supposed to mean.

She thought ” I wonder if my mom can explain it to me?”

What her mom told her was hard to believe.

Jenny was just a kid so she needed it broken down.

She learned what it meant was very profound.

Going green does not only mean to recycle.  It’s a great way to help our earths chance of survival.

It reduces harm done to the environment.  It helps rid the earth of harmful irritants.

Recycling is don with things you can’t reduce or reuse.  It’s easy to do it.  You simply must choose to make a conscious effort to recycle some things and make every effort to help reduce the pollution trash brings.

Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste.  It preserves natural resources thus preserving us.

It helps us to breathe fresh air void of dust.  We must act fast as the amount of waste we create if hurting us.

Recycling is one way to help to reduce pollution.  And we as human beings are the natural solution.


Don’t throw away old clothes, toys, books or CDs.  Instead, them to a place for charity.

Don’t throw trash on the ground whether its consumable or toxic.  For humans and animals alike littering can be catastrophic.

The earth is a precious work of art.  It was meant to be taken care of from the start.

As we look around at all the trash on the ground, and all of the pollution throughout every town.  There is a lot of ash and man-made mess that is unnecessarily made by the human race.

It’s apparent that we take for granted this beautiful world. The state of the nation around the globe.  One day it will all take a toll.  Why wait until then? Why not behold!

Behold the beauty we have been given.  This astonishing world that we all live in.  It only we choose to treasure it.  After all, without it we couldn’t exist.

Appreciate the earth.  It’s what we live in.  If you start to do it you might start at trend.  A good act that could deter the worlds downfall.  All for one and one for all.

Simply pick up the trash that you see.  Don’t think about “what if not me.”

Let it be you, do your part.  Take on the task, it will be a great start.  Do your part to help the earth last.  Do it without even having to be asked. Do your part everyday.  Help save the earth in a meaningful way.


Earth Appreciation

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