Stars are flying through the air.

The Moon is lit and if you dare to make a little wish tonight as fireflies make the night time bright

you just might see as you drift off to sleep a glimpse of a beautiful dream fairy.


As you gently fall asleep each night, the dream fairy has you in her sights.

You don’t believe me?

Let’s explore.  Night time has so much fun in store.

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The moon is shining to light the way, the stars guide the dream fairy to where you lay.

As you wish of many things, the dream fairy sprinkles them into your dreams.


As you rest your precious little head the dream fairy hovers quietly over your bed.

She blows you kisses and hugs you tight.  She keeps you safe throughout the night.


Those things you wished for upon a star begin to find you where you are.

The dream fairy makes your dreams respond.  Makes your wishes come true with her magic wand.



She stays beside you through the night to make sure you laugh and feel delight.

Visions of your wishes begin to come making you smile and giggle and have lots of fun.


She makes your wishes come true within your dreams.  She makes sure you see that you can do and be all things.  She makes sure your body rests for the next day so you are ready to run, learn, jump and play.


I know that you may want to stay wide awake to run and to jump and to laugh and to play but bedtime is good and in case you didn’t know, sleep helps your body rest and helps you to grow.

The dream fairy knows that as you drift off to sleep listening to fairy tales and counting a few jumping sheep that the night will be fun and the night will bring treats because she will make sure your dreams are funny, loving and sweet.


As you sleep and await the morning sun, the dream fairy helps to make sleeping fun.

Before you awake to start a new day, the dream fairy will smile and fly away.

The Dream Fairy

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