Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

5 YA Fantasy Novels You Can Read In A Single Sitting This Weekend

This past week has been tough, to say the least. If you, like me, need to take a break from the endless cycle of tragic news — one just long enough to reinvigorate you for the marches, protesting, and volunteering ahead — pick up one of these young adult fantasy novels. Featuring fierce heroines, unbelievable adventure, and plenty of magic, they are the exact kind of story readers can get lost in, if only for a little while.

Fantasies are the perfect read for anyone who is looking for a healthy dose of escapism. The only problem is, the average adult fantasy novel is well over 400 pages, and that coupled with the genre’s hallmark world building make reading them a time-consuming activity. That is what makes young adult fantasy novels so wonderful: often times, they are shorter than adult books, but no less exciting, entertaining, or engaging.

If you want to spend your weekend reading fantasy, but don’t have the time to commit to a lengthy novel, try one of these phenomenal YA books, all under 400 pages, instead. Featuring fantastical worlds, supernatural beasts, magical characters, and epic battles between good and evil, these 5 titles are the perfect way to escape reality. At least, for a little while.


‘The Wicked Deep’ by Shea Ernshaw

Hardcover Page Count: 320

Two centuries ago, in the cursed town of Sparrow, three sisters were accused of witchery and sentenced by the townspeople to death by drowning. Every summer, the sisters return to seek their revenge by stealing the bodies of local girls and using them to drown local boys. When Bo, a stranger to Sparrow unaware of its dangers, appears the night before the sisters are set to return, it’s up to Penny Talbot, a girl with mysterious powers of her own, to save him. A haunting story brimming with magic, danger, love, and revenge, The Wicked Deep is a darkly enchanting novel that will pull readers under.

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Elissa the Curious Snail

‘To Kill a Kingdom’ by Alexandra Christo

Hardcover Page Count: 352

With the hearts of 17 princes to her name, Princess Lira is the fiercest siren in all the seven seas. That is, until she kills one of her own and is transformed by the Sea Queen into a loathsome human. In order to prove herself and regain her natural form, Lira must steal the heart of Prince Elian, an infamous hunter determined to rid the world of sirens for good. A deliciously dark twist on The Little Mermaid, this story will change the way you see this classic fairy tale.

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‘Bruja Born’ by Zoraida Cordova

Hardcover Page Count: 352

Without her loving boyfriend Maks, Lula Moritz feels completely alone, especially in the company of her sister and the newfound Encantrix powers she has. That is why, when her bus crashes and leaves all of her classmates and Maks dead, Lula is willing to do anything to bring him back, even team up with her sister to defy Death herself. A stunning follow up to Labyrinth Lost fans will love, this emotional urban fantasy will have readers frantically turning the pages.

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‘Sky in the Deep’ by Adrienne Young

Hardcover Page Count: 352

Eelyn lives a brutal life fighting alongside her fellow Aska clansmen in an ongoing, ancient battle against the Riki clan. Everything changes when, one day on the battlefield, she sees her brother — the one she thought died five years ago — fighting with the enemy. After the Riki are attacked by a ruthless clan thought to only be a legend, Eelyn must work with her brother’s best friend, one of her sworn enemies, to united the clans in order to save them all. A dazzling tale that is part Wonder Woman, part vikings fantasy, Sky in the Deep is an addictive story starring a heroine readers can really root for.

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‘Markswoman’ by Rati Mehrotra

Hardcover Page Count: 384

As the youngest Markswoman in the Order of Kali, Kyra is sworn to protect the people of Asiana, but there is another reason she became a magical-knife wielding assassin: to avenge her murdered family. But when a dangerous woman Kyra believes is guilty of murder takes over the order, she flees, only to find herself among the all-male Order of Khur. It’s there she meets the master Marksman Rustan, who makes her question everything she knows about the Order and their place in it. A gripping story of violence, vengeance, redemption, and love, Markswoman is a thrilling adventure readers don’t want to miss.

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