Little Hedgehog Gets The Sads

Little Hedgehog is BACK and she is not quite…herself. This story is a lighthearted exploration of how our brains and bodies are connected. When Little Hedgehog falls ill, her enthusiastic demeanor is replaced with a dark cloud. Will Little Hedgehog g…

Tad and Fish

Tad and Fish is a sweet story about friendship that touches on the ways our brains can at times shield us from seeing what is happening right before our eyes. Enjoy!

If you LOVE this story, please share it with a friend (NOT a goose!). If you happen t…

Sophia, The Dog

If you are looking for some bed stories for kids, then you are in the right place! This is one of the most amazing small stories for kids to read. See how Betty fell in love with Sophia, the dog. Here you go! THE BEGINNING

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We All Fell In

This is my FIFTIETH original story! I am so happy to share this endearing, somewhat ridiculous, story about a motley band of animals who find themselves at the bottom of a deep dark hole and have to work together to escape. I shall now go take a nap. 5…