Bessie: The Monster in Lake Eerie

Port Stanley harbors a secret resident!

And the town may never be the same ever again....

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About the Book

Port Stanley was at the mouth of Kettle Creek, nestled in between two large hills. It was an era of big flowered dresses, high boots, and the miniskirt. Men wore single-breasted suits with collarless jackets, hats were becoming scarce. Bell bottoms had arrived, and someone had invented polyester. The Beverly Hillbillies played on television, along with Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. Color was new on the TVscreen. Antennas stretched high into the sky like sentinels from every rooftop which replaced the set of rabbit ears that sat on top of the TV in the fifties. A perfect place to hide a sea monster! Or is it, the residents of Port Stanley are about to find out!

Bessie: The Monster in Lake Eerie
Genre: Fiction Fantasy
Publisher: Isabella Media
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 290 pages
ASIN: 0999445952
ISBN: 9780999445952
List Price: 13.99
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