Sunday, 22 Jul 2018
Category: Children & Reading

Forcing Yourself to Write What You Don’t Want To

This is a very different post from one of my favorite “advice” posts: Write What You Can’t. There, I talk about pushing yourself (in a good way) to write what you don’t want to (in a good way) because that’s a strong signa…

Callout for Successful Query Letters!

Have you gotten an agent or a publishing deal with a compelling query letter? Would you mind sharing that letter with me so that I can use it in a very exciting class that I’m teaching? (I can’t reveal the class just yet, but stay tuned for…

How to Write Big Character Life Changes

Many writers wonder how to write big character life changes, massive events that rock your characters to their core. But this is a necessary discussion to have, since, ideally, your novel will be grappling with huge life stuff. So how do you render the…

Saturating Your Child’s Senses with a Good Book

One thing that gives a reader the confirmation that they just read a great book is that the book took them on a ride. It drew them in and had the feeling that they were part of the story. Is this true for you? Even as a child reads a story, you can tell when […]

The ABCs of Children’s Reading

Adventure is out there!! It’s not just a quote from a Disney movie. Each book carries a unique adventure of its own. All your child has to do is open the pages. Be open-minded to your child’s interests. Allow them to explore different genres, styles, and authors. Clear your mind of preconceptions. Don’t rely solely […]