Monday, 15 Oct 2018
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How Do I Handle the Bully at My Child’s School… Revisited.

Last week I wrote a blog about bullying. It stemmed from one child in my daughter’s grade verbally pushing around another student. This concerned me due to the ages of those involved. We usually only hear about bullying with older children; as is the reason for which I am writing this week. Only this week, […]

How Do I Handle the Bully at My Child’s School?

I saw through a Facebook post this week that a bully is going around the third-grade hallways at my daughter’s school. This bully is calling another child ugly. According to the post, this occurs daily. While no specifics were given, I am concerned. While I know it is not our daughter bullying or being bullied, […]

The Homework Battle: The Same Thing Happens Every Night

Growing up in grade school, I remember having homework every night. In Junior and Senior High, I remember that same experience, only amplified by six to eight. I recall coming home and working until it was supper time or working after dinner until it was time to shower and go to bed. Mind you, most […]

Is My Child Too Young for Extra-curricular Activities?

More and more kids are getting involved in extra-curricular activities. These are activities that are outside of their regular school day. It can be anything from art classes to Pee-wee football. Some are school funded, while most are an outreach arm of the local community. Other opportunities for involvement include Boys and Girls Scouts, church […]