Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018
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Why Books are Always Better Than the Movie

I was watching a movie last week that was recently adapted from a book. I knew going in that there would be changes from what I had read in the book. I really enjoyed the book and was looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. However, from experience, I know that sometimes producers […]

Not Your Normal Back to School Article

I could easily write a children’s reading blog about back to school. But every other site is posting them, and I bet you could quote each point even before you click on the link. You will read about prepping your child for anything from going to bed earlier to how to deal with their new […]

How Your Local Library Can Benefit Children’s Reading

The local library is often a forgotten children’s destination. We think of going to the park, the beach or lake, a local water park, or a favorite amusement park when it comes to having fun. Reading seems to be a “school work” only activity and not seen as recreational or something to do for fun. […]

The ABC’s of Choosing a Children’s Book – Part One

Have you ever wondered what book to choose for your young reader? You can remember the books of your youth, but the when is always a clouded memory. What age did you first read Where the Wild Things Are? This list is of favorite children’s books, the ages they are designed for, and a link […]

Saturating Your Child’s Senses with a Good Book

One thing that gives a reader the confirmation that they just read a great book is that the book took them on a ride. It drew them in and had the feeling that they were part of the story. Is this true for you? Even as a child reads a story, you can tell when […]

Helping Your Child Remember What They Read

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you spend the required 15 daily minutes with your child reading, and once the book is closed, there is little to no recollection of what was read. They can’t remember the elephant’s name was Horton, they don’t recall what kind of website Katie Kazoo and her friend were trying […]

5 Books You Can Buy for Your Toddler for Under 5 Bucks

Toddlers – gotta love them! They are so bubbly and full of life. If you’re like most parents you are always looking for something to occupy their time to keep that bubbliness from running over. Reading to them is a good choice as it not only keeps them busy while you go through the story […]

The ABCs of Children’s Reading

Adventure is out there!! It’s not just a quote from a Disney movie. Each book carries a unique adventure of its own. All your child has to do is open the pages. Be open-minded to your child’s interests. Allow them to explore different genres, styles, and authors. Clear your mind of preconceptions. Don’t rely solely […]