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Glow in the Dark Paint, 0.68 oz (20ml), Aurora Bright Green, Non-Toxic, Water Based, by SpaceBeams


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Now you can recreate beautiful memories from when you were a child, everyone remembers the first time they saw something glowing in the night 🙂

Aurora glow in the dark paint by SpaceBeams uses top grade europium-doped aluminate oxide pigments in durable & ultra-adhesive acrylic solution. This paint can’t be beaten on both strength and duration of its glows. One strong charge can create glows that last until the morning! Even when viewed very closely our glows are as smooth as can be, zero graininess!

For best results, common to all glow in the dark paints, apply thickly, preferably on lighter backgrounds, and charge for a few seconds with a strong light source (UV, sun, lamp). This paint is non-toxic, and glows brightly whether wet or dry. For use outdoors dry then varnish over, this will protect it from moisture degradation. Once dried lasts longest on hard, rigid surfaces. Not recommended for skin and hair.

Ishmael and the Enchanted Baseball Cap

Included with every Aurora bottle: Lifetime access to the exclusive SpaceBeams VIP Stencils Membership! Create professional looking wall art without the fuss. Get exclusive stencil designs found nowhere else and tutorial videos on how to get the best effect. Your wall art will never look the same again!

Elissa the Curious Snail

Some ideal uses for Aurora:

Wall & ceiling art
Model & radio-control airplanes
Halloween costumes
Art canvas
House numbers
Driveway stones
Fishing lures
Gun sights

This glow paint is thick for maximum glows. You can thin with acrylic thinner or water as desired. Clean easily with soapy water. Charges up endlessly without loss of glows!

Shake well before use
0.68 fl oz (20ml)
Non-Toxic Water Based

Order your own Aurora, Today!
Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Water Based Paint (0.68 fl. oz. / 20ml)
Very Strong/Vivid Bright Green Fluorescence (off white/cream colour in daylight)
Included: Lifetime Access To The Exclusive VIP Stencils Membership – Easily Create Professional Looking Wall Art!
For use on a wide range of surfaces, e.g. paint, wood, glass, fabric, metal, plastic, etc. Indoors or outdoors (varnish over when using outside)
Glows ALL NIGHT after a 10 second light charge (UV flashlight is best!)

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