Friday, 16 Nov 2018

Prang Refill Pans for Oval Watercolor Set




Great art starts with great products. Louis Prang developed child-safe art products that uphold the highest standards of quality in materials and color. These standards are maintained today in a comprehensive line of Prang art products for both children and professionals. Ever the gold standard in watercolors, Prang watercolors offer smoothness, perfect blending, intense pigments and the best tone palette of its kind. Prang Semi-Moist Oval Pan Watercolor Refills are available in 17 brilliant colors of the watercolors renowned as the first and still the finest in the industry. These colors are also available individually as are nine additional colors. Individual colors are AP certified non-toxic and conform to ASTM standards. Be bold, color your world, and discover Prang power.
Highest quality
Preferred by teachers
No wax fillers
Pure pigments
Snap easily into oval pan watercolor sets

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